Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smallville Costume Clark Kent Blue Jacket

"So what are you, man or superman?" - Lana Lang to Clark Kent, Pilot
Clark Kent is Superman, Earth's greatest hero. Hailing from the now-destroyed planet Krypton, Clark is a super-powered alien who was raised in Smallville, Kansas. He resided there until his early adult years, when he then moved to Metropolis with his fiancée Lois Lane where the two work together at the Daily Planet.

Born as Kal-El to Jor-El and Lara-El, Clark was sent to Earth by his parents to fulfill a destiny in which he would be the savior of humanity; he was rocketed off of the doomed planet just seconds before its destruction. Accompanied by a massive meteor shower, his spaceship crash-landed in Miller's Field in Smallville; there, he was found by farmers Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent, who raised him as their son, instilling in him strong moral principles and teaching him to use his abilities for good.

Thanks to the yellow sun, Clark developed many Kryptonian powers that grew stronger as he got older. He learned much about his origins from Dr. Virgil Swann, Swann's journal and an artificial intelligence version of Jor-El.

As part of his double life, during his high school years, Clark secretly fought crime around his hometown and, after moving to Metropolis, moonlit as a vigilante known first as the Good Samaritan, then as the Red-Blue Blur, and then as the Blur. By day, he works as a reporter at the Daily Planet and manages his family's farm.
For many years, Clark maintained an assoication with Lex Luthor that started as a friendship before evolving into a mutual hostility, a complicated relationship with his first love Lana Lang and finally met Lois Lane with whom he began a relationship after they were assigned as co-workers at the Daily Planet. He also developed a great bond with his childhood friend Chloe Sullivan, an assoication with Lionel Luthor, a friendship with billionaire masked hero Oliver Queen with whom he works to fight for good and an acquaintance with Tess Mercer.

After Jonathan's death, Clark started to mature more and began to worry more about the consequences of his actions. After several incidents involving his Kryptonian heritage (such as deadly encounters with Brainiac and a bond with his cousin Kara Kent), Lana's departure and Lex's constant attempts to discover his secret, Clark began to embrace his destiny as a hero, culminating in Jimmy Olsen's published photograph of the super-powered "Red-Blue Blur" on the Planet front page and the citizens adopting that name for their own vigilante. Following Jimmy's death as consequence of Clark's mistakes while trying to stop confused

Kryptonian Davis Bloome/Doomsday, Clark dropped the red-and-blue look and embraced his Kryptonian side, starting to leave his family crest as a symbol of hope at the sites of his heroic feats.

When Zod returned to Earth as a younger clone of himself with his Kandorian army and declared war on Earth, Clark used the Book of Rao to send all the Kandorians to a new world. After several encounters with Zod, Clark won over Zod in a deadly battle.

After he was warned about Darkseid coming to Earth, Clark's future as a hero fell into question due to the doubts and fears in his heart. After going with Brainiac 5 to the future, he came back with a new purpose for his crusade and recently took the next step toward the future he saw by revealing his secret to Lois, who surprised him by telling him she already knew. With his secret out of the way, and seeing how well his relationship with Lois strengthened him, Clark decided to take the next step by proposing to Lois, who accepted with great delight. He also mentored his "brother" Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent.

Clark and his allies began making preparations to defend Earth from the coming of Darkseid. In the midst of his and Lois' wedding and after a final reunion with Lex, Clark won the battle with Darkseid by mastering his ability to fly, putting on the suit, pushing Apokolips away from Earth, and finally fulfilling his destiny by becoming the Earth's greatest savior.

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