Thursday, February 23, 2012

Smallville Victor Stone Cyborg Costume

"Normal? Over half my body is out of a Sharper Image catalog!" - Victor Stone, Cyborg
Victor Stone is a metahuman with endoskeletal cybernetic enhancements. He has worked as an on-and-off member of the Justice League under the code name Cyborg.

He is a former Metropolis High School star wide receiver. It was in that time when he met Clark Kent at Smallville while playing against him in their senior year. He was involved in a car accident that killed the rest of his family, but he was rebuilt by Dr. Alistair Kreig, who experimented on a group of test subjects for SynTechnics.

Victor was the only test subject to survive the experiments, during which he was implanted with electrical and mechanical parts.
Victor is a tall, handsome, young African American adult with strong features. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Under his skin he has bionic implants to boost his strength. Gears are used in place of internal organs. His skull is mostly made of robotic parts. His eye has a hidden camera inside it that allows him to go through security files and to record what he's seeing.

When seen again in Salvation, Victor appears to have matured slightly and has also started to grow facial hair but it is scarcely seen.

In civilian clothing, he usually wears black, white, sometimes purple and gray clothing and sometimes with a brown leather jacket.

As Cyborg, he wears a silver high-tech looking vest with deep purple stripes that also has a hood and a dark gray shirt underneath that has blue stripes near the wrists. He also wears a belt with a silver buckle, black sweatpants and silver running shoes.

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